Costumes and Cocktails Halloween Party

Spooky Halloween Dessert tableTo celebrate Halloween this year, we organized a party at Melusina in Luxembourg, I couldn’t have thought of a better venue than this one, as the venue is already kind of scary already without any decorations, so with some decorations the place looked incredible. Continue reading

Boho Chic Birthday Party

Bohemian Party Deco Ideas

For this 27th birthday, I decided to do a Bohemian themed birthday party. Boho or Bohemian parties are a strong trend this year. I have seen many boho style weddings lately and boho summer parties as well. I have to say that this is a very easy theme as there are no rules and you can transform almost any place into a bohemian atmosphere by adding some key elements such as: colorful banners, tissues, pillows, candles, flowers and a bit of gypsy stuff. Continue reading

Garden Birthday Party

Garden party Luxembourg For Spring this year, as we had recently renovated our garden, I decided to do a Garden Themed Birthday party. A garden party theme is quite original, as you can use your creativity, to create many deserts that look like dirt using chocolate and some mint leaves. Also it allows to profit from the nice weather of sprint, enjoy your garden and be in contact with the nature. I can say also that in terms of decoration material you can use many things at home and buy almost nothing, a very practical and eco-friendly theme. Continue reading

Winter Wonderland Party

Frozen birthday7

For Winter, as Eric’s birthday was approaching, I wanted to create a theme that was easy and had something to do with the Snowy winter weather in Luxembourg at that time. So this is why a Blue Frozen Winter Party was done. This is not the typical Disney Frozen princesses party, however I took some ideas of those parties to create a masculine Frozen party. Have you ever done a Winter wonderland theme? Continue reading