Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party

Last week I had the opportunity to plan for the first time in my life a Bachelor party for a man who is going to get married on the next weeks. The funny thing about this party is that normally this party is organised by the groom’s best buddies, however, in this case the party was organised by the groom’s girl friends and colleagues!

So what to do for a man’s bachelor party? Well not easy, normally men simply drink beer, watch movies, go a weekend away or do some extreme sports. But a bachelorette party is more usual for a bride to be and her girlfriends. Well anyway I wasn’t going to stop there, so I had a change to come up with some party ideas thanks to Pinterest :), below you can see some images from my inspiration board and you can see the board here.

Bachelor Party inspiration board.001

After all this inspirational images, the decoration was done in RED + GOLD colours, as they are not so girly and red is the colour of love. I also created some centrepieces up-cycling  wine bottles and the party favours with up-cycled empty jelly jars. You can see how to DIY on my last post here.

For the entertainment, there were some games mostly about the bride, for example a Bra Pong game, drinking games and hired a Karaoke DJ, so the groom could sing and perform nice songs.

The venue for this party was a small very cool bar which is called New Crossfire Bar, we had a great service and great food! The groom and both the man and women friends had a really good time, it was a great time to play games, sing and dance, while celebrating one of the last single nights of the groom with his friends.

You can see the pictures of some of the decorations here, what do you think?

Bachelor party decoration

Bachelor Party Favors


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