Ice Cream Summer Party

Ice cream summer partyTo celebrate this summer, we organized an Ice Cream Beach Party together at the “Gelateria Bargello” in Luxembourg City. This summer has been very nice in Luxembourg, with a lot of sunny days and temperature over 30 degrees, this is the perfect weather for a cold ice cream and a beach theme.

To create this party we decided to decorate the terrace of the ice cream shop and create a beach atmosphere reusing some of the material from our last party: Hawaii Luau Party. Some decorations used were: Hawaii themed garlands, coco vases, textile table clothes, flower necklaces, etc. The food for the party had to be something simple and easy, as we didn’t want to take away the attention of the ice cream, so the perfect solution was to do a pizza buffet.

To make this party more entertaining, we added some team building activities. The first activity was a guessing game, the game consisted on an ice cream tasting session, where teams of 5 people had to guess the flavors of 3 ice creams, and the winning team will get ½ liter of Ice cream for each team member. The second activity was to learn how to do Gelato and Sorbet, the people could learn each step of the gelato production, the recipe and the different tools used to produce it.

The owner of Bargello, Mrs. Fontani, was coordinating all the activities, she is a very nice lady with a big love for the “Italian Gelato”, she shared her passion with all of the people in the party and everyone had a lot of fun.

You can see some pictures of the party below. Have you ever had a summer party? What is your favorite theme for summer? Let me know your comments.


Ice Cream Summer Party Invitation

Main Table Decoration:

Ice cream party tablemats

Ice cream summer party

Ice cream:

Ice Cream Beach Party

Individual Tables Decoration:

Beach party confetti

Ice cream Party Bargello

Party Activities:

Ice Cream Beach Party

Ice Cream Beach Party Millicom

Ice Cream Beach Party production

Pizza Buffet:

Ice Cream Beach Party Pizza


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