Boho Chic Birthday Party

Bohemian Party Deco Ideas

For this 27th birthday, I decided to do a Bohemian themed birthday party. Boho or Bohemian parties are a strong trend this year. I have seen many boho style weddings lately and boho summer parties as well. I have to say that this is a very easy theme as there are no rules and you can transform almost any place into a bohemian atmosphere by adding some key elements such as: colorful banners, tissues, pillows, candles, flowers and a bit of gypsy stuff.

Below is an inspiration board I did with some pictures that I found for inspiration on Pinterest, you can check more pictures on the Bohemian Party  inspiration board on Pinterest here.
Bohemian party inspiration board

So for the birthday party I started collecting all the colorful things I could find at home: flowers, picture frames, bracelets, rugs, pillows, blankets, vases, lamps, candles, etc. I also had a two wooden pallets in the terrace that I used as coffee tables. After collecting all of this I only had to buy some color paper banners and fresh flowers. Then I asked our guests to come dressed in a Boho – Gypsy style.

For eating, I had some Arabic type finger food such as Hummus, Falafel, Olives, Cheese, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Kibbeh, etc.

Finally as entertainment for the party, wehad a shisha station, Bohemian music and a Belly Dance contest.

Here are some pictures of the party, I hope you enjoy!

Room Decoration:

Bohemian Party Deco Ideas

Table Decorations:


Bohemian Party Flowers

Bohemian Party Decorations

Shisha Room:

Bohemian Party Decor Room

Bohemian Cake

Bohemian Cake

Bohemian Party Cake

Bohemian Party Night:

Bohemian outfits

Bohemian Party Dog

Bohemian Party night

Bohemian Party girls
Bohemian Night

As we liked so much the Bohemian Party theme, we decided to do a second party outdoors the next day, below the pictures:

Bohemian Party Outdoors


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  1. Hi, I am in the US, Northern California. Did you purchase them a long time ago? I wonder if I can order them online? 🙂


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