Costumes and Cocktails Halloween Party

Spooky Halloween Dessert tableTo celebrate Halloween this year, we organized a party at Melusina in Luxembourg, I couldn’t have thought of a better venue than this one, as the venue is already kind of scary already without any decorations, so with some decorations the place looked incredible.

Speaking about decorations, we decided to have a dessert bar with Halloween themed desserts that Kathy’s Cupcakery prepared. We also had a special Halloween cocktail, photo booths and a food buffet. Finally all the people came in very cool Halloween costumes, so this made the venue look even more decorated.

Below are the pictures, have you even been to Melusina club? Did you had a Halloween party these year? We would love to hear your experiences!

The invitation:

Halloween party invitation The decoration:

Halloween Party Buffet BarHalloween Bar Halloween Party ChandelierHalloween Party IluminationHalloween party decorationsThe food :Halloween FoodHalloween MirrorHalloween Party BuffetThe dessert table:Candy Bar HalloweenHaloween table Halloween scary desserts Halloween RIP desserts Halloween Dessert Table Halloween desserts cu Halloween Dessert Table Melusina Halloween dessert table cake Halloween cupcakes stand Halloween candy bar Dessert table Halloween Dessert table halloween ideas Dessert table halloween idea Dessert table halloween ghostsThe costumes:Costume Nancykiuko Halloween Party People


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