Pumpkin Spice Party

Pumpkin Spice PartyAutumn is beautiful because of many reasons like the colorful tree in a mix of orange, red, yellow and green shades; the nice cold but sunny weather; the streets full of falling leaves and the delicious pumpkins season.

This is why we planned this Pumpkins themed party, to profit from the best pumpkin desserts and the beautiful fall elements.

The first step to create a Pumpkins Party is to walk around the nature and gather all the elements that remind you of this season. Then you can go to the supermarket and get yourself some pumpkins and start using your imagination.

For these party we will prepare our favorite pumpkin spice pie, pumpkin cake, pumpkin spice late and pumpkin spice smoothies for the people who don’t like coffee. The decoration will be based on orange, white and beige colors and natural elements.

So here are the pictures:

pumpkin party2

pumpkin party dessert table

pumpkin party time

pumpkin party 1pumpkin party1
pumpkin party5pumpkin spice party dessert tablepumpkin party

pumpkin word


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