Pumpkin Carving Party

Pumpkin Carving Party

There is not bigger indicator that we are already in Fall than a ‘Halloween party’ and even though we still have our minds in the latest weddings we planned and the one’s coming, we had the chance to do something more crafty. This time we decided to have a twist organising a very fun Pumpkin Carving Halloween Party.

This last Saturday, after we painted our faces with cute designs we took the role of  ‘Pumpkin advisors how? With a very fun activity organised with a beautiful family in Koerich.




A full afternoon of decoration, paint, glitter and fun took place in our first Pumpkin Carving event. Every kid invited brought their own pumpkin and came dressed for the occasion, translating, to, with a great, great costume. Everyone disguised and with pumpkin in hand, it was time to start decorating, proof, here next with some of the ‘final products’:




Without taking credit to the activity itself, we decorated the house with ghosts, skletons, some creepy spiders and papers. Of course we didn’t forget about the food and one of our lovely partners made very special cookies. Thanks Sweet inc. for putting the special factor this time!



Please don’t forget to include a group activity in your next Halloween party, as it is the perfect time to mix people, or in kid’s parties, to make the adults and kids come together.  What other activity would you propose for a Halloween with children?

Just tell us your ideas in the comments 🙂



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