Rustic Barbecue Party

Rustic Bbq Party

An old far in the middle of the forest was the perfect destination for a rustic party to celebrate Sylvie’s 30th birthday!This destination was amazing, in the middle of the nature, surrounded by wood and antique rustic decorations, I couldn’t have thought on a better place to have a cosy rustic party.





With the end of the summer a whole new wave of parties are coming to close the year properly. Take out your leather jackets, boots and flannel shirts because after reading this, you will be on your way of planning an amazing evening in the nearest woods…, as it was the case on this amazing birthday party celebration.




We met Sylvie a few falls ago in France and since then our friendship just went up and up and up, that is why she choose The Party Ville to decorate her 30th birthday party. A perfect weekend in the “campagne” was chosen by her to celebrate this important date and the theme was perfectly and carefully chosen: a rustic barbecue.


The ideal place, were 40 people, gathered was Consolation, Franche Comte, a town near Switzerland and in the borders of France. A magical location in a calm forest was chosen which the close friends know as: “La Ferme” in the middle of the mountains in between large trees and close by the river.



Rustic Party Decoration

Various pieces of wood, antique rustic pieces, candles, wild flowers and a few  bright lights, and balloons were placed to cheer up the place and have a great party. The guests could enjoy a cosy farm with the heat of the fire while tasting a delicious barbecue.


Although it was a bit chilly, the sun didn’t hid out in the Saturday afternoon were the event took place and, wood pieces and some other stuff made in old iron and stone were the perfect touch to give the rustic vibes. We enjoyed dancing around some oldies music (ok, 90s and 80s songs), we ate perfectly grilled sausages, salads and pasta had amazing sweets and desserts.



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