Halloween Treasure Hunt

Halloween Treasure Hunt.png

Halloween is such a great season of the year! It’s really great that we can enjoy the cosy days of summer and the pumpkins season, while having some fun.And among the fun of Halloween I mean trick or treating, halloween parties and of course halloween treasure hunts.

I was very proud to be able to participate in one of Luxembourg’s biggest halloween celebrations this year the “Truck or Treat” organised by the AWCL American Women’s Club in Luxembourg, for the English speaking families. This event is a great way to celebrate halloween with the kids, as it allows the kids to go trick or treating around in a save environment, a parking lot of a school and instead of going from house to house, they go from car trunk to car trunk.



But this is not the only activity, the kids can enjoy the bouncy castles, food trucks and various halloween related activities, among them the halloween treasure hunt that The Party Ville was organising this year.


So the first thing we thought when starting to plan the treasure hunt, was to make sure that the kids will have fun! The age range was from 7 – 12 so those kids are already very clever and i couldn’t just hide very easy clues, otherwise the kids would be bored easily. Having these in mind, I tried to do a mix of scary/surprise decorations and guessing games, so each child would have a bit of difficulty to finish the treasure hunt, while having also fun finding the different scary stations.


The other factor that we added to the treasure hunt was the competition factor and team building, as there would be 50 kids doing the treasure hunt at the same time, it would have been not good to have the same clues for the 50 of them, so we decided to create themes and also different routes, so each team would have different clues at different times and they would try to be fast to win agains the other teams. And turns out it was exactly what we wanted, a fun and competitive treasure hunt game 🙂



We have to admit that some of the clues were quite difficult, even us wouldn’t have been able to guess, however, we were very surprised that the teams were very successful figuring out the guessing games and most of the time didn’t need our help to find the next clue on their own.

At the end of the treasure hunt the kids had to find a giant treasure chest with some goodie bags that had some small halloween related prices such as: glow in the dark eye ball lollipops, glow sticks, glow in the dark stickers and some spiders in spider webs. We tried not to put too many candies as the kids would already get a lot of candy from the truck and treat activity.



I hope you like the pictures and if you didn’t participate this year, we look forward to welcoming you at the “truck and treat” next time 🙂





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