Jungle Party

Jungle Party

Is almost mid October but in The Party Ville there is always a chance to make warm memories. This time we found ourselves again at Gymboree Luxembourg having a great time with kids; in this occasion we were in charge of some of the decorations for a Jungle Party.




We helped the birthday boy to have some fun in a tropical jungle environment. We tried to have all the decorations in the colours of green, yellow and brown, so everything will coordinate together and will give a jungle vibe.

For the name of the boy and the age to be very recognisable we made a backdrop with a jungle theme. We had also some beautiful jungle juice beverage containers a inflatable palm and a customized wooden arrows sign with the words: “Welcome to Aryan’s Jungle Party”.

Jungle Party Decorations

Jungle Party Decor

We had a little trouble with the balloons as the helium pump just stopped working and there was no more helium left to blow all the balloons we wanted, however  this didn’t stopped us from having a beautiful unforgettable party. And we have to admit that one of the nicest things for the party was the cake, which was made by Dream Cakes totally customized with some jungle animals and the name or Aryan.

Jungle Party Cake



Is very important for the kids to feel and connect with the environment immediately and to never get bored, at Gymboree this was achieved with the beautiful games and activities done and of course the lovely party room that we transformed into a jungle. We were very happy to see both parents and kids having a great time enjoying delicious food and desserts!

Jungle Party Food

Jungle Party Food

And finally the table for the kids to eat was decorated with a jungle themed party set and each kid had a foam mask that they could put on and tranfsorm into a animal of the jungle, we had tigers, elephants, zebras, monkeys and lions!



Thank you Ritu for choosing us and thanks again to Gymboree for a great party! 



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