Superheroes Birthday Party

unnamedPreparing a children’s party is always fun, kids might not be always into the ‘before’ of the event, but you can immediately measure their reaction when everything is ready on their special day. For this Superheroes themed birthday party, we, in Party Ville, created a special ambience with lot’s of superhero personalized decorations and handmade items customized for Gonzalo who was turning 3 year old.





The location for the party was Gymboree, a very nice place where kids can play and learn with music. They have a very beautiful party room so it was the perfect location to celebrate a 3 year old birthday, if you don’t know about Gymboree you can take a look at their website here.

Superheroes party



Superheroes party


So for the superheroes theme party, we did the decorations having in mind that Gonzalo was the superhero, and with no brands, or characters, creating a super “G” logo specially for him. We managed to make crafts that all the guests (even the adults) enjoyed. To get into the mood of the party, we made masks suitable for the kids and even for the grown ups, as soon as they got into the party they put them on and the games begun. Parents taking selfies or telling the kids to make some fun poses (with the kids really not needing any instructions to act like real heroes), helped to prepare us for the best part of any of these events… the food!



We only had two hours to enjoy Gymboree so, we had to make things easy to eat; the menu was put in little cups, and the beverages could be drink either from a bottle of water with Gonzalo’s own superhero logo or from plastic milk jars with little capes that clearly screamed the words ‘cute’ and ‘cool’.



Let’s mention that this party was all about little details and the clearly made a difference. The superhero theme got so into the party that even the candy lollipops had their little cape and mask. It’s important to talk about other details that visually balanced the theme of the party, such as keeping the main colours of the party in yellow, blue, white and red. And can you see that the table cloth is first white and then has a blue stars paper on? This was in order to keep the table contrasting but not saturated. We used the same blue stars pattern in the desserts table to make both elements match together.




Finally, we had some special “Super G” cookies along with cupcakes , all these were some more of the things that The Party Ville created to have an afternoon full of sweet things and lovely memories. A lion, some leafs, and a bunch of stuff in various tones of green are involved in our next children’s project… can you guess which theme will be?




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