Wedding Expo Ideas

Wedding Expo Luxembourg

As you might already know, The Party Ville will be exposing at the Salon du Mariage in Luxembourg city this weekend! For those of you who are not from Luxembourg or never heard about it, the “Salon du Mariage” is the annual wedding exposition/bridal show of the country and normally there couples who will get married soon go and take some ideas or book a few suppliers for their weddings.

So as we started to decorate a few weddings these summer, I decided to book the smallest stand at the expo, which by the way was still very expensive and show a little bit of our decorations and wedding ideas. If you can I invite you to come visit us at stand #3 on the 1st and 2nd of October, but if you can’t make it, I wanted anyway to share with you some of my inspirational ideas for the stand of tomorrow.

As always Pinterest was my inspiration source, I created this board called: Wedding Expo Ideas, you can take a look at it here. Among the things I wanted to share in the stand, which by the way is only 6m2, were the small details that The Party Ville can create for a wedding such as custom signs in wood or chalkboard, party favours, vintage furniture and vintage decoration items and as well some lovely golden tableware. I guess what makes The Party Ville unique is that we really get unique details for each wedding and we love to work with a lot of vintage stuff!

The first thing to choose was the background, which background could we add to a plan white wall, that would reflect a nice wedding? Not so easy as normally the perfect background would be a beautiful garden or an amazing castle, but in 6m2 how to do that? Well after hours of looking at many options curtains, textiles, wallpaper, wood, etc. we decided to go for a wallpaper as we had a larger choice and it was easier to handle. And the colour? which colour and pattern could be beautiful enough to represent a beautiful venue without being too old fashion or too overwhelming? Well our choice was a vintage black and white wall paper for the middle and beige striped paper for the sides.

And now for the rest of the elements, after a lot of thinking about what could be placed in the stand,we decided to go for these few ideas:

1.Two of our favourite themes

Our two favourite themes to represent at the wedding expo were: Vintage Shabby Chic and Classic Golden

Salon du Mariage Luxembourg

Source:WeddingStarInc and DearPearlFlowers

2. Chalkboard Welcome Sign

Wedding Expo Ideas

Source: MODwedding

3. Wooden Arrows Sign


Source: StyleMePretty

4. Golden Tableware



5. Classic Vintage Furniture



6. Lots of Sweets


Source: 100LayerCake

7. Small Vintage Objects

Source: ElegantWeddingInvites

8. Big Antique Chandelier


Source: MonCheriBridals

9. Golden Napoleon Chairs


Source: Belle The Magazine

10. Party Favours Corner



11.Picture Frames Wall



12. Lots of Flowers!



So did these pictures gave you already an idea of how our stand at the Salon du Mariage will look like? I hope so and I hope we would be able to represent all these ideas for you in a few square meters!


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