Classic Golden Wedding


Three countries, two persons, one amazing wedding!

The end of the summer usually brings days with rain and the uncomfortable feeling that winter is coming. But magically and we think because of the force of love we had the pleasure to enjoy, decorate and plan a beautiful sunny weddingat the beginning of September. Can you believe it? it was 29° degrees in the middle of September!

We arrived at the Chateau de Sepfontaines just at the raise of the sun to arrange every little detail that would make this wedding have a vintage classic look. A desk, old writing machine a lovely feather brought straight from Paris, a book full of photos of the lovely couple and some flowers were among the details to create a special decoration that immediately invited the guests to leave  their wishes written for the italian-turkish couple.






Ozgecan and her now husband had a very clear idea of how to treat their guests. And coming from Luxembourg itself, Turkey and Italy, they were welcomed by a handmade wooden sign customized by the Party Ville team specially for this occasion. The typography was chosen to fit with the classic-vintage look of the place and the other decorations.



The romantic atmosphere was a top priority for this event, so, is there anything more romantic than candles, chandeliers and flowers wreaths in a dinner table? Every table had a sign with the name of a city, this detail was not a random one. Each city, represented a special place in the story of the bride and groom. Budapest, Istanbul, Tokyo, Rome and other signs were the perfect words for the couple to tell a bit to their guests about them…




Before having dinner with candle lights only and a cocktail were our decorations gave a subtle but elegant touch, at the church we witnessed a big and lovely moment. We provided some balloons in the shape of hearts, to throw away once the bride and groom were finished with the ceremony, this instead traditional rice that is throw away…  


Thanks to the newlyweds who let us be part of a wedding were speeches in english, Turkish and Italian were made, were laughs were shared from the first moment and were candles lift the spirits to enjoy a love that clearly trespasses frontiers. If you would like to see more pictures about this wedding you can see them at the blog of the talented photographers: photographe de Mariage Jolie Histoire



Wedding photobooth propos




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