Venues to Get Married in Luxembourg: Our Favorites


The last part of the year is getting us very busy and we are dedicating a lot of time to weddings. We just had a great time decorating a classic golden wedding at a very nice castle and this next weekend we have the pleasure to be part of the Salon Du Mariage at the LuxExpo Kirchberg, where we will try to help those stressed and excited wifes and husbands to be to have the best time at their main event.

Inspired by everything that is going around The Party Ville, we are presenting now a few great places to get married in Luxembourg (or the surroundings), hopefully it will be useful for those who can’t attend our stand at the Salon du Mariage or who are still deciding their venue.

Château Urspelt

0003-12-ma-09-urspelt.jpg.1340x450_0_221_6979.jpgA perfect option for those who want to feel more intimate without sacrificing a dreamy look. Classic or rustic little weddings are great for this venue.

Château Sepfontaines

If you want to get married in a small and cosy indoors castle while trying different styles for each stage of the event, then this place is for you. In this castle you will find very elegant rooms each one with a different vibe and colours. From the elegant light blue room, to the imperial salon or the mysterious “ecuries”. We recommend it for classic and vintage weddings.

Le Domaine de l’Orangerie at Mondorf Domaine Thermal

L’Orangerie is a beautiful events location for elegant and chic classic weddings, you will feel inspired by the large green areas of Mondorf Domaine Thermal and your guests can of course enjoy the spa, sauna and hotel during the day or after your wedding.

Château Bourglinster


If the cocktail of the wedding is going to be a main part of the event this spot is perfect; aside of the château it has two more salons. The chateau conserves its intimate atmosphere and it gets ideal to have a dinner with candle light, also has a very nice spot for the ceremony itself with a little chapel. The space is little, but more than enough for a very private wedding in a very central location in Luxembourg.

Cercle Cité


A very central and elegant location,in the heart of Luxembourg city. This place has huge ceilings with beautiful crystal chandeliers and will definitely make your wedding party a memorable event. The only downside is that as it is in the very middle of the city center you won’t have any outdoor green areas.

Domaine Henri Ruppert


Luxury is the word to describe this complex. The couples who want something really contemporary and amazing views to the wineyards will find here a gold mine. The atmosphere gets totally modern with the amazing structure and architecture of the building and thanks to its water mirrors that surround the interior.

Château Preisch


A venue  for around 200 invites that gets unique because the design of it’s space with a very, very high ceiling. The country vibe really gets into this château -that is technically in France but very, very close to Luxembourg- with a lot of wooden details and the chance to make a more vintage, boho, quiet wedding. Perfect for the ones who are skipping cocktail and going straight to the main part of the evening: the dinner and the party.

Château du Bois d’Arlon


Trees perfectly cut and grass with the same appearance and little ponds wait for you in this place that it is a bit outside Luxembourg, just in the Belgium border, and that can hold up to 250 people in case of an event like a wedding. Rooms are available for guests (also a park and gardens) in this building that may seem like others on this list on the outside, but in the inside gets a total different vibe, with an elegant but modern vibe.

Moulin D’Altwies


The charm of this places comes from it’s history as it was indeed an old mill and now has been transformed into a beautiful wedding venue with spectacular saloons.If the bride and groom want a big entrance and great decorations (size speaking), this is their venue; it has space for everything, specifically 300 people.  And let’s not forget their terrace (for the cocktail!)

*Images courtesy of the venues


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