Recipe: Back to School Lunch

Back to school lunch Delhaize

As kids are coming back to school in September, we had the idea to show you some creative and healthy animals sandwiches to prepare for lunch, making lunch time much more fun!

Kids might get tired of getting all the time the same things for lunch and might feel tempted to just get junk food instead, I have to admit it myself, when I was a kid I would prefer to get donuts, chips, candies, gummies, etc, anything fancy would be more interesting that getting a homemade lunch, however I think I might have loved to get this beautiful animal sandwiches, as it would have been a daily surprise to see which animal I would get everyday.

I hope that you will find these recipes very easy to do and that they would give you new ideas , I am sure that the kids will love them and might actually start eating the healthy fruits and vegetables on them.

So here is what you need to create your animals lunch:


– Whole grain bread
– Fruits like: strawberries,blueberries, grapes, pineapple
– Vegetables such as: baby carrots, olives and cherry tomatoes
– Boiled Eggs, ham and cheese.
– Dips like: guacamole, humus, tomatoe sauce, etc.
– Balsamic Vinegar Syroup
– A knife or cookie cutters
Back to School Kids Lunch


1. Start by taking two slices of whole grain bread and cut them in the shape of a circle or square with a cookie cutter or a knife.

Animals Sandwich

2. Now take the boiled eggs and cut them in slices, you will use these slices to create the eyes and other main parts of the animals face.You could also use slices of cheese instead.


3.Then take a small fruit, it can be a blueberry, a grape, a red current or a black olive. Use it to create the middle of the eyes and even the nose.






4. Fill in the sandwich with your preferred ingredients, you can use the rest of the eggs, ham, cheese and why not some cherry tomatoes in slices to add a bit of juice to the sandwich. I also used the already made dips from Delhaize of guacamole, tomatoes and green olives.

Lunch Sandwiches Delhaize

5. Add the rest of the fruits and vegetables on the side in small quantities, if the fruit/vegetable is to large; chop it into small pieces. Something I really liked is that I could reuse the berries plastic packaging for the lunch, as the sandwiches and fruits were fitting perfectly 🙂



6. And now you are finished! You should have created some beautiful animal themed sandwiches like on the pictures below, I hope it was easy and fun and that the kids will love it!






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