DIY: Party Hats

DIY Party HatsHere is another DIY project for your next parties, party hats are not so common in the parties in Luxembourg as they are in the US, however certain parties really go together with party hats, such as our last Circus party, which you can take a look here or the first birthday parties of little kids, specially when they turn 1.

Nowadays it is very easy to find the cardboard hats already made in party shops, however the designs are not always very nice, and they could look a bit too simple.However you can always pimp up those hats with a few decorative items or simply do the party hat from scratch with a cardboard.

So today I will show you how to create some beautiful party hats on your own, just with a few materials and a lot of creativity. I believe that this DIY project is super easy and i think the results are very cute, but you can tell me if you share the same opinion after seeing the results. For now just follow the step by step instructions below:


– Scissors

– Hot glue machine

– Yarn or felt pom pom balls

– Cardboard or already made cardboard party hats

– Tissue Paper

– Sequins

– Felt in different colours

– Ribbon on the shape and colour or your choice

DIY Party Hats


  1. Start by printing a party hat template like the one below. Take your cardboard sheet on the colour and design you want and mark the template on it and cut it out, then roll up the cardboard so you get the shape of a party hat. If you decided to use a plain cardboard, you can then paste a wrap paper or felt in the colours or design that you wish to have.

Party Hat Template

2. Paste a pom pom on the top of the hat with the hot glue machine, as seen below:

DIY Party Hats

3. Then take a ribbon and paste it on the bottom part of the party hat with the help of the hot glue machine.

DIY Party Hats

4. You can add another ribbon at the bottom edge of the party hat so you give it a nice form and a softer texture for the kids head.

DIY Party Hats

5. And you are finished! Your party hats should look similar to the ones below:

DIY Party Hats


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