Pastels Wedding

Pastels Wedding

I am very happy to share with you some pictures of this wonderful wedding full of beautiful soft pastel colours, flowers and sunshine.

I guess the best part of the wedding was that it could be outdoors, since the moment of the religious celebration until the aperitif. So people could enjoy a beautiful view on the green gardens and fountains of the venue located in Portugal and called Penha Longa, which is part of the Ritz Carton hotel.

I am sharing with you these pictures so you find some inspiration for your next wedding or event, as I believe this is one of my favourite weddings because of the following reasons:

1. The location

The venue is one of the most important things to decide for you wedding, as it will create the main look and impression of your whole party. For example if you want a vintage style wedding its better to choose a vintage venue such as an old far, castle or mill or if you want a modern decoration then better to be in a more cosmopolitan venue such as a hotel or a modern events hall. So in this wedding we had a venue that was both elegant and vintage as they have a modern 5 stars hotel but also a very old monastery.


2. The flowers

The thing that I liked the most about this wedding was the beautiful fresh flowers in the tones of pastels and pinks. It was great that the same type of flowers were used throughout the decorations. They had pastel flowers on the chairs at the religious ceremony, then huge flower vases with pastel flowers, the brides flower bouquet was in pastel flowers, the bridesmaids bouquets were also in pastel flowers, the cake had pastel flowers, the name tags for the dinner had pastel flowers and even the names of the tables were names of flowers! So it was very important the consistency in the decoration and this really made a difference and made this such a memorable pastel colours wedding!!







3. The colour palette

It was very clear that the colours of the wedding were pastel colours: soft pink, peach, violet, and this was coordinated with white and gold. I really liked that we could see these colours in everything, from the table mats, to the chairs and the umbrellas, it was all good coordinated in the colour palette chosen.



4. The furniture

Another thing that was very nice in this wedding was the furniture, as they kept consistent on the type of furniture used and it was very good quality. I personally love the Tiffany chairs also called Chiavari chairs, they are very popular in America, but unfortunately not so easy to find in Europe, specially in golden colour. Surprisingly they had these golden Tiffany chairs for both the religious ceremony and the dinner. Another thing that looked great were the white lounge areas, where people could just sit and relax during the aperitif moments while enjoying the sun. I think that a lounge area or just a few sofas give a very nice feeling of comfort at the moment of aperitif, but unfortunately i have seen in many weddings that people need to stand with their champagne glasses for long until the moment of the wedding.

Pastel Colours Wedding


5. The drinks

Finally but as important were the drinks in this wedding! I have to admit that it is one of the most expensive things in a wedding both the food and the open bar, specifically the alcohol open bar. But if you would spend anyway on the alcoholic drinks then why not make something special, so it can bring an extra value to your guests? In this case the added value was definitely the gin tonic cocktails. It was the specialty of the wedding and they really made them good. So most of the guests would just take that cocktail and they did a great decoration on it with some seeds, fruits and flowers.

I hope you liked this wedding as much as I do, ah and here I am by the way 😉



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