Ballerina Party

Ballerina Party

Our latest party was Baillie’s Ballerina 2nd Birthday party, it was such a sweet and girly picture and the funny thing was, that it was not organised for a little girl but for a little dog instead, our little Baillie Border Collie who turned 2 years old this summer.

I know you must be thinking a dog party? What is that? Well even if it sounds a bit crazy and strange, it was actually a very fun party, where the dogs and the dog owners could enjoy a nice get together. It is sad that sometimes dog owners go to parties and their dogs cannot come with them, so I really like to do this party were all the dogs that get along together can also come and have a nice time.

This year we also had a partnership with Petopia, if you have not yet heard about them, they are an online platform where you can find all kind of pet services in Luxembourg, from pet supplies, veterinaries, groomers, etc. So now we are very happy to be able to add one more pet service to Luxembourg: the dog parties, feel free to have a look at their website here.

I really love our dog Baillie, as if she was our little girl and I thought she would look very cute with a nice custom made pink tutu, and yes indeed she looked very cute.

For the party I took a lot of inspiration ideas from pinterest, you can see the Ballerina Party inspiration board here. I found some really amazing ideas and created some new ones to host this party.

Among the decorations, I created some tutus with tulle to decorate a few glass jars and use them as center pieces and also some tulle pom pom wands. We had also some pink and white desserts such as cupcakes, meringues and marshmallows on a stick. For the dogs we had a few cookies, dried pig ears, treats and a special frozen dog cake. Finally I prepared some party favours for the humans which were cookies in glass jars in the form of a tutu and for the dogs some dog cookies in organza bags.

You can see the pictures of the party and the decorations below, let me know what do you think. Have you ever seen a dog party before?

Ballerina Party 1

Ballerina Party

Ballerina Party

Ballerina Party 4

Ballerina Party

Ballerina Dog Party

Ballerina Dog Party

Ballerina Party

Ballerina Party 16

Ballerina Party 9

Ballerina Party 10

Baillie's Ballerina Party

Ballerina party 12
Baillie Border Collie Ballerina Party

Ballerina Dog Party

Baillie Border Collie

Baillie Ballerina Party

Dogs Party

Dog Party




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