DIY: Tissue Paper Fans

DIY TISSUE PAPER FANSIn this tutorial you will learn how to create tissue paper fans in 10 steps. Paper fans are a very easy way to decorate your special events, you can choose use them as backdrops for photo booths and dessert tables or hang them from the ceiling.

Paper fans can be put together in a single color or a palette of colors, in these case I chose a palette of fuchsia, blue, pink and gold. Below are the instructions step by step on how to create a medium size paper fan, if you want to learn how to create a Large Tissue Paper Fan click here. Enjoy!


1 pack of tissue paper of the color of your choice
1 glue stick
1 pair of scissors

DIY Paper Fans Material


1. Take 4 sheets of paper together and extend them in a flat surface with the short side facing you.

Paper Fans Step 1
2. Start folding the 4 sheets of paper making layers of approximately 5 cm in an accordion style as seen on the picture.

Paper Fans Step 2
3. Once you finish folding, compress all the layers together into one piece

Paper Fans Step 3
4. Fold the folded paper in half as seen on the picture

Paper Fans Step 4
5. Make a cut at the middle of the paper, where you marked the half before.

Paper Fans Step 5

6. Now you should have two pieces of folded tissue paper of same size

Paper Fans Step 6
7. Fold the two pieces in half

Paper Fans Step 8

8. Glue the two halves together adding some glue on the first and last layer.

Paper Fans Step 7
9. Once he two pieces are glued together compress them into one piece.

Paper Fans Step 9
10. You have now half of the paper fan, to create the second half repeat all the steps one more time.
Paper Fans Step 11

Paper Fans Step 10

Once you finish the paper fans should look like on the picture below:


DIY Tissue Paper Fans


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