DIY: Baroque Style Dessert Table

Baroque Style Dessert Table

This week I would like to share, how to create a baroque inspired dessert table. Dessert tables are often used at parties to decorate with sweet food such as candies, finger food, cupcakes, etc, that afterwards are eaten by the guests. They are a good option to save on decorations, be eco-friendly and original.

Last month I had the opportunity to get some beautiful vintage furniture in a Baroque style for our home and I thought I will use it to create a baroque style decoration. If you want to do one on your own just use some antique furniture or decoration that you might have at home and complete it with glass containers that you can reuse after the party.

To complete the decoration you can choose a color palette, in these case I used mint, salmon and pale pink colors to match with the natural wood color. Once you have chosen the colors, add some ribbons or tags in the same tones.

Finally you can hang some elements or create a backdrop, here I created some pom poms with yarn, so I can reuse them for the next parties.

I have not added any desserts to the table, so you can see how beautiful it already looks without even having a cake or sweets. Here are the pictures, I hope you get some inspiration for your next party!

Baroque Style Dessert Table

Baroque Candy Bar Baroque Inspiration Table Baroque Inspired candy bar    Baroque Style Dessert Table


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