DIY: Upcycle Cans with Fabric

Upcycle cans with fabric

If you are a fan of upcycling stuff such as cans, then this tutorial will be interesting for you. Cans are normally a very good material to reuse as they are hard and durable. I love to use cans as flower vases to decorate the tables of a party or just to have them at home.

Here you can see how to upcycle cans with fabric, I was surprised how fast and easy this is, it took me less than 10 minutes to finish one of these beautiful upcycled cans.

You can see below the step by step directions on how to do these cans and the materials needed. Enjoy!


  • Cans
  • Lace
  • Fabric
  • Pencil
  • Glue Gun
  • Fabric scissors
  • Lace

materials cans


  1. Find some cans at home left from food, here for example I use our dog’s food cans.

upcycled cans before2. Remove the labels by placing them into hot water for 30 minutes or until the paper is soft, then just reap the labels off with your hand. If you have difficulties removing the glue leftover, you can use the magic mix to remove labels posted before here.


3. Measure the hight of your cans with the help of a ruler to make sure you only use the fabric needed. You can also choose to cover only one part of the can and not the whole can. So it is better to measure first what you need.

upcycled cans tutorial

4. Once you have the measurement of the area you want to cover on the can, mark that measure on the fabric and draw a straight line with the pencil.

upcycled cans steps

5. Cut the fabric on the line marked with the pencil and roll over the can on the fabric to know how far you should cut.

upcycle can tutorial

6. Now you should have your piece of fabric and the can, ready to start gluing.

how to upcycle cans

7. Take the glue gun and  paste the fabric on the can, you only need to do an initial line from top to bottom on the can and a final line at the end of the fabric.

upcycle can step by step

8. Take the lace ribbon and paste it on top of the fabric, again you only need to paste the first point and the last point of the lace.

upcycled cans step  9. Now you have your can with fabric and lace. Cut the remaining fabric that is exceeding the border of the can.up-cycled can

10. You can repeat the same steps to create other upcycled cans playing with the size of the fabrics.


11. Place some flowers or anything you want inside and you are finished. I hope you accomplished it.

yellow upcycled cans


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