Fruits Sushi

fruits sushi

Fruits sushi is a great idea to offer on your next parties, and alternative to the traditional sushi, as it is sweet, it has no rice and no soya sauce is needed! It is also very healthy and delicious. As part of our collaboration with Delhaize, I will show you today how to make your own fruit sushis. Continue reading


Recipe: Banana Cake

Banana Cake

It seems that beautiful fondant cakes are getting more and more common not only for weddings but also for birthday parties, however sometimes the problem is that the cakes look beautiful but lack a good taste, they are either too sweet or too dry. Many times this cakes are beautifully designed but the taste is not that great, it is more a cake to look than to taste. I would like to share with you a recipe for a banana cake that you can also transform into a fondant cake that is both tasty and beautiful: My grandmother’s banana cake recipe. Continue reading