Fruits Sushi

fruits sushi

Fruits sushi is a great idea to offer on your next parties, and alternative to the traditional sushi, as it is sweet, it has no rice and no soya sauce is needed! It is also very healthy and delicious. As part of our collaboration with Delhaize, I will show you today how to make your own fruit sushis.

The fruits sushi is made mainly with bananas, as they already have a round shape, then instead of cream cheese, you can add any sticky spread such as nutella, peanut butter, honey or marmelade. Then you can add you favourite nuts to the sticky spread and finally wrap in delicious mango!

This small fruits sushi works great as small finger food in your events and it is very easy to do, here I will show you the step by step instructions so you can try to make it on your own.


Fruits Sushi Delhaize Extra

  • Bananas
  • Mangos
  • Sticky spread: it can be peanut butter, nutella, honey, mermelade, etc.
  • Nuts: it can be pistaccio, wallnuts, peanuts, hemp seeds, etc. For this recipe we used the hemp nuts of Delhaize EXTRA and the nuts mix of Delhaize EXTRA.


1. Start by peeling the bananas and leave them on the side


2. Then cut the mangos by sliding them parallel to the main bone as seen on the picture below


3. Continue sliding the mangos until you have thin layersfruits-sushi-5

4. Add the sticky spread to the bananas


5. Chop the nuts or seeds into small pieces and add the to the sticky spread that is on the bananas


6. Wrap the mango thin layers into the banana


7. Cut the banana into 1cm slices as if it was a sushi and enjoy the sushi with the help of your favourite chopsticks





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