Our own Grand Opening Party

Unicorner Concept Store Luxembourg

I had been waiting for this moment for more than 5 years! Can you believe it? Yes, it was back in 2011, when I had the dream of opening a very cute party supplies shop, but of course at that time it was only and unreachable dream, and I can’t believe than now, in 2017 it finally came true!

As you might already know, I started organising theme parties in Luxembourg some years ago, but not really as a business only as a hobby, then last year I decided to do it as a business, and this year to finally open a party shop!

The journey has not been easy at all, and I couldn’t have been able to open the shop alone neither, as this requires a huge investment, lots of working hours and resources. However I was very lucky to meet my business partners Angelique and Gabi. Angelique runs Mint Mouse an online shop specialised in kids healthy shoes and high quality baby accessories. Gabi runs Cinnamon Home, an online shop with Scandinavian home decorations. We all wanted to open a physical shop, so when we met, we realised that our products could fit really good into one concept and that we could open the shop together, and this is when Unicorner was born.


Why Unicorner? Well first of all we all love unicorns! They are all about dreaming, believing in yourself and being happy, then we also wanted to highlight the word United, as united we are stronger ;), plus also the different shopping corners, because after all each of us has one corner at the shop to present our products and we will have other corners for rent for pop up shops. So Unicorner Concept Store was the perfect name for it.

And after many months of preparing to open the shop, months of choosing floors, lights, designing furniture, choosing products, etc. The moment came to do our Grand Opening Party, and here at this post I would like to share some pictures with you about this party!

So how to create a party where the space is limited, the weather is unknown and the amount of people we want to come is very big? Well the best was to have the party during a long period of time so people could come and go at different hours, and we would have time to be with everyone. This is why we decided to start the party at 10am and finish at 10pm,  yes 12 hours of party!


Then we decided to also use our terrace, by adding some tents in case of rain, a red carpet and some high tables. To make sure everyone would be entertained, kids and adults, we planned several activities to be going on during the day. The activities were face painting, glitter tattoos, board games, pop corn machine, cotton candy machine, a shoe making show by the founder of Emel shoes, live music, and of course food and drinks for everyone throughout the day!

At 2pm we had our official ribbon cutting ceremony, this was a very special moment for us, where we could finally declare officially open our shop and give a small thank you speak to everyone who had helped us to achieve this dream. We thanked our husbands, friends, family and mentors. All the people who were there were very supportive and we were feeling very happy and lucky to be able to offer our products and services to Luxembourg.

We had two media publishings about the party, you can find them on the links below:

‘Unicorner’ puts Mumpreneurs on the Luxembourg map – Wort.lu

Entrepreneurial Collaboration Creates Unicorner – Chronicle.lu

Now it is just the start of a new adventure, we hope that the shop will have lots of sales and that people will enjoy buying our products there, I leave you some pictures of the party in case you missed it, and if you were at the party I thank you so much for being there!


Unicorner Concept Store Luxembourg Opening18519781_255943588206354_1453215524857944834_n




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