Movies Night Party

Movies Party

A movies night party is such a good idea! The kids love to go to the movies and watch their favourite character, so why not bring the cinema to them? And create their own private movies party!

We were very happy to collaborate with Moos and Roos Parties to decorate these movies night party and create a private cinema at the venue. Luckily the venue was already mainly in red colours and had a dark room where a cinema could easily be created.

To start with the party ideas, we of course had a look at Pinterest to get some inspiration and see other similar parties done in different places in the world, most of the parties we found were with a cinema outdoors, but in our case, we did the cinema indoors. You can take a look at our inspiration board on Pinterest here: Movies Night Party Ideas.

The colour code was decided, most of the decoration will be in red and white, with some touches of gold and black. The movie at the cinema would be Moana and the cake was going to be baked by the mom on the same theme, but the rest will stay in a cinema theme.

We started with creating a backdrop with white and red stripes that would be located at the entry just behind the dessert table. For the backdrop we did a Movies Night sign and then decorated with a few balloons on each side in white and red colours and of course two golden foil star balloons, because of course at the cinema party there are also movie stars 😉

For the dessert table we added two big buckets with drink dispensers on each one, then we placed a golden cake stand where the cake would be placed and on each side added two white columns with giant feathers. For the desserts we had marshmallows.

For the entry of the cinema, there was a really nice red carpet followed by some VIP barriers and our vintage Pop Corn machine, which of course was baking very tasty pop corn. Then we placed little popcorn boxes at the entry so each child could take one. The party had around 40 kids plus their parents!

To create the cinema, we used a dark room and placed many chairs with red cushions in several rows so it will have the look and feel of the cinema rows, then we had a big screen at the front of the rows displaying the movie.

The party was so much fun and we were happy to work in collaboration with Moos and Roos to make many kids happy, below you can see some pictures of the party.

Movie Night Party

Movies Night Party

Movies night 1

Movies night 2

Movies night 6

Movies night 3






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