Ninja Turtles Party

Ninja Turtles Party.jpg

Ninja Turtles are back! I remember they were so popular in the 1990’s when I was a child, and now they seem to start becoming popular again!

The main colour for this theme was of course green! We wanted to create something very nice that will illustrate the ninja turtles theme, but still be nice and sweet for Diego’s 3rd Birthday party!

To start the party planning process, we did an inspiration board on Pinterest and chose many different Ninja turtles party ideas, one of the main elements of the party were the masks and the cans.

At the party we created a green backdrop with green crepe paper streamers and a personalised birthday party garland. Then we chose a set of white wooden trays and stands to place at the dessert table.

Ninja Turtles Party 4

The dessert table included a lovely Ninja Turtles cake made by Celebrating Kids that had 3 little ninja turtles coming out from a tin. We also had ninja turtles icing cookies in the shapes of the heads of the turtles and number 3s and finally we had lovely ninja turtles shaped cupcakes made by Sweet Pois.

Ninja Turtles Party 6

We also had custom made popcorn boxes made by Paper beauty and more. We also had custom made beverage tags, bottle labels and napkin labels for our table decorations. To match with the theme, we chose a set of lime green and bright green paper plates and mason jars.

At the table mini pizzas were served as well as fresh fruit skewers to keep the kids and adults out of hunger 🙂

At the end of the party we gave to each child a personalised gift bag with custom made labels and many little toys inside.

Ninja Turtles Party 5

As part of the entertainment the kids enjoyed face painting, glitter tattoos and several indoor and outdoor games. We had so much fun at this party!

Ninja Turtles Party 3

Ninja Turtles Party 7

Ninja Turtles Party 8

Ninja Turtles Party 9

Ninja Turtles Party 10

Ninja Turtles Party 11

Ninja Turtles Party

Ninja Turtles Party 2


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