Let’s be Mermaids Party

Let's be Mermaids Party.jpg

We love mermaids, it is such a nice and creative theme, and this time we were honoured to be able to plan and decorate a beautiful mermaids theme party for Abby a very sweet girl.

It all started by choosing the theme colours and the look and feel of the party, after our first meeting with Abby’s mom, we understood that the main colours of the party should be mint, pink, violet and gold! Wow one of our favorite colour combinations and we also learned that the party look and feel should be simple and elegant and of course very girly!

So now that we had the essential information we started gathering ideas and inspiration and created this Pinterest board: Mermaids Party Ideas. Then we actually adapted many ideas to the theme and budget.

The main focus point of the party was the dessert table, so Nikki, the artist of our team, created a very nice backdrop with a violet colour base and then cut lots of mint, light pink and violet papers to make a lot of scalops that will be placed on the edges of the backdrop. Then she continued the backdrop decorations by painting the shape of a shell and the name of Abby in golden handwritten letters. Finally to finish the backdrop we used the Let’s be Mermaids garland from Meri Meri party, which you can also find at our shop.

Let's be mermaids party 6

To cover the dessert table, we chose a mix of pink and purple tulle, so it will look very girly, plus the tulle would give the effect of a fishing net. Then we added the other elements of the Let’s be Mermaids garland, which were incandescent shells and small sea elements in incandescent and fluorescent colours.

Let's be mermaids party 3

To place the food we chose a golden collection of trays, candle holders and items that would look like the sea treasures and will give the feeling of an elegant table while exhibiting the desserts in an original way.

Let's be mermaids party 2

We had a delicious and beautiful Mermaids cake from Celebrating Kids that we placed on a golden cake tray, then we had some pretty mermaids themed pop cakes from Sweet Pois and some homemade cupcakes which we decorated with some personalised paper toppers in the shape of mermaid tails done by Paper beauty and more. We also added two beverage dispensers with juice and water and decorated milk jars with personalised tags.

Let's be mermaids party 13

For the tableware we chose again some collections from Meri Meri party, for the plates we had the let’s be mermaids collection with small incandescente drawings of mermaids and sea elements, then we added incandescent paper cups with a turquoise paper straw and completed with violet napkins.

Let's be mermaids party 7

The party looked very beautiful and we were very happy to make Abby and her family happy! Below some pictures of the party, let us know your thoughts 😉

Let's be mermaids party 12

Let's be Mermaids Party

Let's be mermaids party 11

Let's be mermaids party 9

Let's be mermaids party 10

Let's be mermaids party 8

Let's be mermaids party 5

Let's be mermaids party 1



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