Oh Boy! Baby Shower

Baby Shower Luxembourg

Baby showers, such lovely parties, full of baby colours, hope and happiness! So far we have only organised baby showers for expected baby boys and they have been super beautiful! The latest baby shower we organised was the Airplane Baby Shower and now we were so happy to organise another lovely baby shower.

The theme of this baby shower was baby blue and cream colours, the idea was to invite the best friends of the mom to be for a tea party, while playing a lot of games and having a nice time.

The first thing we did to start planning the baby shower, together with Marise Hyman Maternity Coaching was to create a colour palette and a mood board. While creating this it was clear that the baby shower should be in powder blue, white and cream colours, with a modern classy look and white/cream roses as decoration to add a touch of elegance.

Baby shower luxembourg 7

After the initial mood, we moved to the design of the baby shower invitations, which we designed and created handmade. The custom made invitations were in the shape of a onesie in cream colour, with a baby blue ribbon and a baby blue envelope. The fonts of the invitations were carefully chosen to match the classy and sweet style of the party.

Then we moved to the entretainment for the party, we designed and crafted several games so the guests could have a nice time, among the games we had:

– A guess the mommy’s belly size game

– Who is that baby game

– Pacifiers competition game

– Guess the date of birth calendar game

We also created some beautiful notecards in the shape of animals so the guests could write some advice for the mommy and the baby.

Baby shower luxembourg 4

Regarding the food, the guests had a sweet dessert table with beautiful icing cookies in the shape of baby related objects, cupcakes and a fondant cake. Then they also had small sandwiches and treats to eat while drinking tea and finally a pop corn machine with delicious popcorn.

Baby shower luxembourg

To decorate the baby shower party, we created some letters garlands, by painting cardboard letters and adding them to a ribbon. We added one of the garlands to the dessert table and one to the fireplace. We also inflated around 150 baby blue and white helium balloons and added some bouquets in several places of the house, the balloons made a big difference on the look and feel of the place by adding a lot of colour and sweetness. We also had some OH BOY foil letters in silver and crafted some custom made photo booth props so the guests could use them at a photo booth corner to take baby shower themed pictures.

Finally to thank the guests for coming, we did some name tags in the shape of onesies to add to small champagne bottles.

Baby Shower Gifts Luxembourg

The party was totally beautiful and the mom to be and family were super happy! Here you can find some pictures of the event:

Baby shower luxembourg 15

Baby shower luxembourg 11

Baby shower luxembourg 12

Baby shower luxembourg 2

Baby shower luxembourg 1

The games:

Baby shower luxembourg 3

Baby shower luxembourg 5

Babyshower 1

Baby shower luxembourg 13

Baby shower luxembourg 8

Baby shower luxembourg 9

Baby shower luxembourg 6

Baby shower luxembourg 10




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