Trolls Party

Trolls Birthday Party

Colours! Colours! We love colours and what a better theme to show them than a Trolls party! Trolls are very trendy lately as the Trolls movie was just released in 2016 and it was full or rainbows, happiness, confetti, flowers and fun! So we were super happy when we were asked to plan this Trolls birthday party!

So how to start? Trolls has so many different elements, magic creatures and trolls itself that we had really to narrow done to the essential to be able to represent it on a party. So the first thing we did was to agree on a colours palette, as yes colours are colours, but primary colours are different from neon colours or even pastel colours, so how to make sure we could focus on the right colours that matched the client’s expectations? Thanks God Pinterest exists, so we could easily make an inspiration board, and agree on the type of colours mix we would focus on, and this was, bright colours and a bit of neon colours.

Trolls Birthday Party 3

Now that the colours were set, we started to add more elements important for a Trolls birthday party such as rainbows, flowers, nature and clouds. Then we decided to focus on two main trolls colours: Pink hair Trolls such as princess Poppy of course and then blue haired Trolls for the boys, we didn’t do black as its a very dark colour and it would have changed the mood of the party.

For the dessert table, we did a backdrop with a base of a light blue sky and a bit of pastel colours, simulating a sunset. Then we took a lot of bright colourful wrapping papers and started to do a huge rainbow that would set the theme colours of the party, for the rainbow colours we chose violet, mint green, turquoise, yellow, light orange, neon orange, pink and neon pink. Then at the middle of the rainbow we added the name of the party girl.

The dessert table, we placed a turquoise table clothe and had custom made pop corn cones in a rainbow theme design, heart shaped marshmallows, beverage dispensers with apple juice and water and a beautiful Trolls themed cake that was perfectly matching with the colours of the party. We added some helium balloons bouquets in neon colours to each side of the table and a few paper flowers to add more volume to the dessert table.

Trolls Birthday Party 4

For the table decoration, we brought several party collections from our shop, so the girl could choose her favourite, and she chose a colourful ombre collection from Meri Meri that fitted perfectly with the theme of the party! To decorate the tables we added some fake grass and some flower cut outs made by Paper Beauty and more, this made the tables very colourful and pretty. Then to be as eco friendly as possible we had some milk jars with paper straws and some melanine cutlery from Rice Design. Then we added some turquoise napkins with polka dots to add some brightness and contrast to the tables.

Trolls Birthday Party

As part of the food, we created some fruits skewers with strawberries, black grapes and green grapes and placed them at the middle of the table on a skewer holder so each kid could get their own, this is not only very healthy but looks very nice as a decoration element.

Trolls Birthday Party 8

One of the nicest things of the party was our handmade Trolls hair headbands, this were done by Nikki, our artist team member, she did with a lot of dedication pink troll hair for the girls and blue for the boys, the kids looked lovely when they placed them on their heads! Soon we will post a DIY project so you can also learn how to make them on your own.

As party entertainment, we hired a bouncy castle from Moos and Roos party, one of our favourite party partners and had glitter tattoos and face painting done for the kids. We also had a beautiful piñata handmade by Confetti Piñatas, which was honestly the nicest troll piñata I have ever seen! The kids had so much fun at the party and we did too!

Trolls Birthday Party 7

Trolls Birthday Party 11

Trolls Birthday Party 2

Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party 5

Trolls Birthday Party 9

Trolls Birthday Party 6
Trolls Birthday Party 10



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