Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch

Easter is coming soon! And to celebrate both Easter and the opening of our new shop in Luxembourg city, we decided to organise a small Easter brunch for the bloggers in Luxembourg!

I personally love Easter, as it is in the middle of Spring, it involves a lot of flowers, nature and pastel colours! Plus I love everything with bunnies and Easter is the perfect season to present all the beautiful bunny products!

So in this occasion, we were very lucky that our party shop located at the concept store Unicorner could finally open, after many month of hard work, and it could open on the best season! To celebrate this big achievement, we decided to do a big grand opening party, which will be on the 13th of May 2017, and a small pre-opening Easter brunch, dedicated to bloggers, so we could get a bit of advice and feedback on the shop.

To organise this party, we decided that we would like to welcome everyone in a very cosy and relaxed atmosphere, while representing our brands and products, so we decided to focus mainly on pastel colours, as the concept store has a lot of Scandinavian home decorations in pastel colours provided by Cinnamon Home, babies and kids gifts and shoes provided by Mint Mouse and cute party supplies and gifts provided by The Party Ville ;).

By sticking to a colour palette, we would make sure that the concept of Unicorner will be represented, which is sweet little things, so everything in our brunch had to be sweet as well. After choosing the colours, we started to think about the decorations, cutlery and all the elements needed for a nice cosy Sunday brunch. To start with, we used a lot of pretty tableware such as trays, mugs and vases from the brand Bloomingville, so we could show how the products look like. Then we complemented with party supplies from the brand Meri Meri such as mint paper plates and Easter themed party bags. Finally we added some handpainted bamboo cutlery.

Bloggers brunch 6

To keep the Spring spirit we could of course not miss flowers, and the best flowers to represent Easter of course were tulips! Tulips added a very nice look to the table while keeping it fresh but elegant.

To start the party, we created a DIY mimosa corner, where we had fresh juices, scented water and sparkling wine, so each person could prepare their own mimosa.

Bloggers brunch 2

For the food, we decided to go with a self serve option, where lots of food would be placed in the middle of the table, and people could just serve themselves according to their taste. Among the food we had delicious homemade pancakes, berries, mango, bananas and pineapple, avocado, a tray of cheeses, smoked salmon, different type of breads, cottage cheese and a large selection of jams and honey. I have to say that the Brunch was really delicious and I couldn’t stop eating lol.

Bloggers brunch 5

At the table we also placed a Easter themed goodie bag, where the bloggers could find small samples of products we sell, for The Party Ville the best example was the party bags. You can find some pictures of the Easter Bloggers Brunch here and among the social media of the bloggers that attended the event!

We would for sure love to repeat this idea, maybe next time we would do a Summer Bloggers Brunch 😉

Bloggers brunch 3

Bloggers brunch 4

Bloggers brunch 8

Bloggers brunch 9

Bloggers brunch 1

Easter Bloggers Brunch

Bloggers brunch 7


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