Classy Frozen Party

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Frozen parties are very demanded lately, as this is such a nice Disney movie and it seems that the little girls just love Elsa and the “Let it go, let it go…” song. Las time we organised a Frozen party it was in winter, so it was quite easy to adapt the environment to a Frozen theme, but this time it was a sunny Spring day, however the party was still beautiful and the sunlight allowed us to have a very unique light that made the whole party look more magical!

To start planning this party, we first met the little girl and her parents and learned what was important for them, what are their expectations, where the party will take place and what are the activities that the kids enjoy the most. It was great that we had already pictures of previous parties, so we could show our work and choose the different elements for the party.

For the theme, we decided to have a powder/baby blue colour that will add some elegance and sweetness to the party, while also keeping a few elements in turquoise blue to bring contrast, as these colours are cold colours, we decided to mix them with white and silver.

Frozen party 6

For the dessert table, we created a backdrop with white tule and fairy lights, a very nice backdrop for this party, as the fairy lights add a magic touch to it, and the tulle allows some transparency to see the different lights. Then we added a turquoise table clothe and some trays and stands in white and transparent colours. The food of the dessert table included cupcakes, fruit skewers, marshmallow sticks, coconut bites, Rafaello chocolates and white mint candies.

Frozen party 15

The central focus point on the dessert table was the cake, we were really amazed by the beautiful cake baked by @nenecake which had a big Elsa hand painted at the top, a beautiful Olaf on the second tier, a number 5 and the name of the birthday girl hand painted on the bottom tier.

Frozen party 9

For the dessert table we also added two white pompom trees on each side. At the backdrop we added a frozen themed paper garland that added a bit of personalisation to the setting. Finally we placed two big beverage dispensers on their respective buckets to add juice and water in an ecological way, avoiding small plastic bottles.

For the table decorations we decided to add some silver star shaped paper plates from Meri Meri party, milk bottles with turquoise paper straws and bamboo forks hand painted in silver and glitter. We also added some Frozen themed printables made by PaperBeautyandmore to wrap each of the beautiful mint and powder blue napkins with scallop edges and some name tags for each milk jar.

Frozen party 7

To decorate the table we added a silver glitter table runner, turquoise confetti, snowflakes and some other frozen theme decorative elements such as: polar bears, frozen leaves, glitter reindeers, etc.

Frozen party 4

For the entertainment of the party we had some Frozen themed games such as a pin the carrot nose on Olaf, an Olaf in pieces puzzle, dancing statues game, an Olaf piñata and glitter tattoos.

Olaf pin the carrot game

To increase the excitement we had Elsa visiting the party! The kids were super amazed to see Elsa and were curious about thinking how she could be at the party. She looked beautiful as always and made some special glitter tattoos on the kids.

Frozen party 2

Frozen party 1

Finally but not lastly we made some beautiful custom made Frozen themed gift bags, each gift bag had no candies, because the kids already had some candies from the piñata, so instead, we had some nice frozen themed craft kits and accessories on each bag.

Frozen party 5

This was definitely a beautiful party full of excitement and fun! Below you can see more pictures of the party.

Frozen party 14

Frozen party 10

Frozen party 11

Frozen party 12

Frozen party 13

Frozen party 8

Frozen party 3



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