St.Patricks Day Party

St Patricks Party

St. Patricks Day party is such a great reason to celebrate! St. Patricks day is not all about good luck, rainbows, gold pots and four leave shamrocks. And people are usually super happy on this day, specially Irish people 🙂

This day is celebrated worldwide on the 17th of March, commemorating Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland as well as Irish culture and in Luxembourg it is year by year celebrated more among the expats and the locals.

St Patricks Day Party 8

So yesterday we had the opportunity to decorate the St. Patricks Day party at an Irish bar called Brasserie Benelux, we love this bar as people are so friendly and they have a special room dedicated to parties!

St Patricks Day Party 7

We created some personalised photo booth props in cardboard, a fake beard prop in tulle and a really cool picture frame with a rainbow a green hat and a gold pot. We also did a photo booth station and many fairy lights and green LED lights.

St Patricks Day Party 5

At the party there was a live band playing international and Irish music, lots of Irish beer and traditional Irish food. This was definitely one of the best St. Patricks Day parties in Luxembourg! Here I leave you some pictures of the party.

St Patricks Day Party 3

St Patricks Day Party 4

St Patricks Day Party 6


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