Luna Petunia Party

Luna Petunia Party

A Luna Petunia party is one of the most original parties we have planned so far! Luna Petunia is a Netflix animated television series,  produced in Canada by Cirque du Soleil. The cartoon is very inspirational as it mixes a lot of beautiful elements such as colours, flowers, a magic world, bubbles, fairies and imaginary characters.

We were very proud to be able to inspire ourselves on these cartoon to produce a Luna Petunia themed party, and so lucky to be one of the first person’s to do such a party. When we started looking for inspiration on Pinterest we could not find almost anything on this theme, so every decoration item had to come from our creativity and inspiration.

Luna Petunia Party 14

The first thing we decided was the colour palette, our client wanted to stick to pastel colours and butterflies so this was a good starting point. We continued planning the party by looking at some party supplies that could fit with the theme, we decided to take the pastel scallops party collection of Meri Meri which we also sell at our new shop! Then we added some custom made flower and butterflies cutouts to make the link to the magic world of Luna Petunia.

Luna Petunia Party 9

For the dessert table we created a backdrop in pastel colours with half of it simulating a sky, then we added some handmade paper flowers in pastel colours to make it look for girly and make the link to the flowers on the Luna Petunia world. We had a custom made paper garland with butterflies and flowers cutouts that we placed on the backdrop and finally the character of Luna Petunia in the middle.

Luna Petunia Party 18

The dessert table included some butterfly shaped icing cookies, marshmallow sticks, custom made popcorn cups and or course a beautiful Luna Petunia Cake. The Luna Petunia birthday cake was very special, as it was totally custom made integrating butterflies, flowers and Luna Petunia itself. The baker, Nenne Cake, did a wonderful job reproducing the Luna Petunia main character into the top of the cake and even making a flower shaped house that looked the same as the one at the cartoon.

Luna Petunia Cake

As party entertainment we had face painting, glitter tattoos, a butterfly shaped piñata handmade by us and a craft activity. The craft activity consisted on a very eco friendly approach, where the kids had to paint an empty can, and then add a few curly decorations simulating the curls of Luna Petunia, and finally adding a small little flower pot, so they could reuse this can as a flower container.

Luna Petunia Party

The party was so much fun and the venue was the perfect location for such a party, we had a beautiful and elegant room at the Melia Hotel in Luxembourg Kirchberg and we decorated the room with honeycombs, paper lanterns and colourful LED lights.

Luna Petunia Party 11

You can find some pictures of the party here, let us know your comments, have you ever been to a Luna Petunia party before?? Do you even know this cartoon?

Luna Petunia Party 6

Luna Petunia Party 5

Luna Petunia Party 4

Luna Petunia Party 3

Luna Petunia 2

Luna Petunia Party 1

Luna Petunia Party 17

Luna Petunia Party 15

Luna Petunia Party

Luna Petunia Party 12


4 thoughts on “Luna Petunia Party

  1. I found this because I’m having a Luna Petuna party for my granddaughter, she loves this cartoon. This will be her 3rd birthday. I myself just started my party planning business and would love to get some tips from you. I love what you have done since there is really nothing out there for this cartoon.

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    1. I love that theme also, and the fact that there are no branded party supplies on Luna Petunia made it nicer, so we could use our imagination to represent the character :). How did your party went?


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