Mad Scientists Party

Science Party

A Mad Scientists theme party is definitely one of the most fun themes for not so young kids, as there are a lot of fun activities to do that will amaze the kids and make an unforgettable birthday!

When starting to plan this party, we wanted to have a theme where kids could be very entertained, amazed and active. We knew that the age group of the party will be kids from 8 to 12 years old, so this would mean we would need to be very creative to keep them interested and make them enjoy the party.

As many times, we started doing a research on Pinterest to get more ideas for a science themed party and of course we collected many of them! Here you can check our Pinterest board: Mad Scientists Party. After some brainstorming and collection of ideas we decided to have the party focussed on the chemical elements names, as the party was for 3 siblings, we branded most of the party according to the siblings initials, representing one chemical element with their names. The party had not be unisex, so this is why we decided to focus on colours that are neutral and fun: orange, green, yellow and blue.

We created a custom background with the initials of each child to decorate the desserts table, then we had custom gift bags with science related gifts for each child. We also designed cupcake toppers and name badges so each child could get one when they will arrive at the party.

For the activities we decided to invite the startup company LuxKids Lab to make the science experiments with the kids, even though one of our specialties are the craft and games activities with the kids, we preferred to let a specialist deal with the experiments, while allowing them to show their services for the very first time.

The science experiments for the kids, consisted on chemistry reactions and lessons, magnetic/robotics, microscope observations and one of the kid’s favourites a volcanic explosion. The kids had a lot of fun with all of them!

We had a beautiful and delicious cake for the party baked by Celebrating Kids and some beautiful cupcakes with custom made science toppers baked by Nenne Cake. Additionally we got some beautiful icing cookies done by Sweet Inc and some marshmallows and popcorn for the dessert table.

For the table decorations we focused on the theme colours and added a test tube filled with M&M’s with a personalised label on each plate. The kids loved the test tubes and quickly ate the M&M’s, then started to fill in the test tubes with juice, pretending they were doing experiments.

Finally to add more fun to the party, we created a custom made science piñata filled with candies, which the kids had to break. To make the game more challenging, we blindfolded each kid before hitting the piñata. This allowed the piñata game to last for several minutes while the kids waited and screamed until someone could manage to break the piñata and they could run and grab the candies.

This was definitely one of the most active and fun parties we ever organised! Below you can see a few pictures of the party.

science party

Science party 11

Science Party 2

Science Party 3

Science party 4

Science party 5

Science party 6

Science party 7

Science party 8

Science party 9

Science party 10



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