1950’s Party


Remembering the 50’s is always so much fun, and what a better occasion than a 60th birthday party! We were really excited to work on this party and to transform the beautiful venue of L’Orangerie at Mondorf les Bains, into a 1950’s environment.

The first thing we did when starting to plan this party was to meet with our client to find out which elements from the 1950’s he wanted to highlight, as the 1950’s is quite broad, it could have been that the milkshakes, burgers and puddle skirts would be the most important elements; however we soon, found out that it was more the rockabilly, rock and roll, music, old cars and vespas of those times, that he wanted to focus more for the party. It was very important for us to understand this, as we could already have an idea of what to propose and how to decorate.

In the next weeks we started to brainstorm about what we could do and how we could transform such a nice classical venue, into a rock and roll 1950’s party, and one of the first elements was lights and of course a disco ball. This is when we contacted our lights and sound partner CODEX, to help out and they did a great job by bringing a huge disco ball into the party, installing colourful lights, a dance floor and a big structure.

So once the “dance floor” was there, we still needed to personalise the place so it was clear that it was a 1950’s party, so we decorated the tables with old vinyl disks, creating a custom made label on each disk, then designed the stationary with red and black colours, and designed centrepieces that would look elegant but also according with the theme. These centrepieces were glass structures filled in with gel beads and an LED light; on the top of the centrepieces we added some carton images of 1950’s elements instead of the typical flowers, and then placed it on top of a rounded mirror so the LED colour lights will reflect on it.

Additionally, we created a custom made album record to be signed by the guests and added hundred balloons in black and white in strategic places of the venue for a more festive look.

Finally, we brought a Jukebox with colourful LED lights, a vintage popcorn machine, a Photo Booth corner with 50’s costumes and props and inflatable microphones, guitars and musical instruments. All this elements made the party an unforgettable 1950’s experience! Below are some pictures and you would like to see a video of the party, visit our youtube channel.


1950s party Luxembourg
















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