Princesses and Knights Party


A princesses and knights is such a fun theme, whether it is for a girl’s birthday party where the princesses, pink and magic are the main focus or a boy’s birthday party with knights, dragons, swords and magic is the main focus. This time we partnered up with Moo and Roo’s party in a box to create an amazing party for little Nuria who was turning 6 years old.

The amazing costumes of party in a box as well as party supplies were the perfect match for the party ville’s decorations and theming! For this party we started using our imagination and creativity to design every element. We went to see the venue to know which colours could match better the walls, which type of lighting was needed and how to better distribute the different furniture and activities to maximise the space.


Once we visited the venue, we had the idea of simulating the entry to a medieval castle at the main door of the room, so we decided to create two columns and some chains with balloons at the entry, followed by a red carpet. This will make a great first impression of the party. To create the balloon creations we collaborated with Jooe Sytle, who did an awesome job with the balloons!


Then we decided to place the costumes of party in a box at the entrance so the kids could get dressed right at the beginning when entering the party room, afterwards came the eating table, decorated with bamboo plates and cups and then the dessert table.

The dessert table for us is one of the most important decorative elements of a party, so we created a beautiful hand panted castle as a backdrop, then added some pool noodle chais in the middle to simulate a castle lifting bridge, and finally added a pink table runner to simulate the bridge. Here is a sketch design we did for the dessert table.


We then added a lot of sweet treats on the dessert table, decorative lanterns, food trays and cake stands.

For the entertainment of the party we had a baby dragon piñata, which we crafted on the studio and a craft activity consisting of decorating wooden boxes to place the royal treasures. Finally we dedicated one area of the room to set up a mini discotheque for the kids which consisted of a mirror disco ball, LED lights and disco lights! Here are some pictures of the party, what are your thoughts?



Princess PartyLuxembourg










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