Valentine’s Day Party

Valentines day party

Valentine’s day it’s a day to remember love! We should actually celebrate love each day, but in case we don’t this is a good time to celebrate with our love ones and tell them how much we care! And not only our partner, but also family and friends!

In this occasion, we were happy to decorate a Valentine’s day party for an Indian community dedicated specially to families and friends! So something different that the typical Valentine’s day celebration of couples going to a restaurant. I was so happy to transform the party room of Brasserie Benelux, into a cosy, romantic atmosphere with the help of some red LED lights, candle lights, rose petals and water.

We also added a few heart shaped latex balloons and a fairy lights photo booth decorated with heart shaped honeycombs! The results of the decoration were amazing! Kids were happy playing with the balloons and the adults were happy taking selfies next to the candle lights and at the photo booth.

Here you can find more pictures of this party:

DSC_0544 1

DSC_0554 1

DSC_0598 1

DSC_0596 1

DSC_0593 1

DSC_0583 1

DSC_0579 1

DSC_0574 1

DSC_0571 1

DSC_0551 1

DSC_0546 1

DSC_0545 1

DSC_0605 2

DSC_0604 2


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