Strawberry Shortcake Party

Strawberry Shortcake Party

Strawberry Shortcake is such a sweet theme for a birthday party and we were happy to help the mom of Nina to plan such a lovely party for her daughter’s 6th birthday!

As the name already mentions it a strawberry shortcake party should have a lot of strawberries! so it was not difficult for us to come up with ideas for a dessert table that will include strawberries, we suggested: strawberry and grapes/kiwi skewers, strawberry flavoured marshmallows, strawberry water and of course popcorn as kids love it! The food was placed into nice trays and cake stands that we rented for the party. The venue for this party was Brasserie Benelux Strassen which has a big room that can be used for parties and a very friendly staff :).


For the party decoration, we created a light pink backdrop with a picture of the main character of strawberry shortcake and a personalised garland with the name of Nina and the number 6. The paper garland and the popcorn bags and tags were handmade and crafted by Kadri, a very talented team member who does wanders with paper, I will soon present you our different team members on a separate post.

Strawberry Shortcake Party

For the kids table, we added a fake grass decoration as a table runner, and some small cake and cupcake shaped erasers around. Then we had some polka dots paper plates and cups, as well as milk bottles and mason jars. As always we avoided using plastic tableware so we used only paper cups/plates, paper straws and wooden cutlery to keep the party as eco-friendly as possible.


To entertain the kids, we had a mini discotheque with colourful lights and music, while we played music frozen statues. Additionally we had a few games related to strawberries such as a “pin the seed to the strawberry game” and a step on the strawberry game.

Finally we had a delicious chocolate fondant cake on the theme of the party and wonderful pictures taken by Neha Poddar photography. And to thank the kids for coming, le Sutras created some beautiful personalised embroiled hand towels for each kid.

The kids really enjoyed the party they didn’t stop jumping, dancing and smiling! Here are some pictures of the party.









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