Casino Royale Party

Casino Royale party

A casino royale party is always a very fun way to celebrate! And this time it was no exception! We were houred to prepare this corporate party for an internatinal company in Luxembourg. I can describe this paty as a very elegant and fun party with an Italian twist.

The idea of having a Casino Royal themed party was a great way for employees to have fun while interacting with one another at the different casino games. The planning started several months before the event, as we had a lot of elements to define such as venue, menu, decorations, etc.

The venue chosen was the restaurant Come a la Maison in Luxembourg city, a delicious italian restaurant, which concept is a mix between vitange and rustic italian style, an it is also a family business.

To decorate the place we chose to have glass vases with red boas, small LED lights and white feathers. Then we added a casino themed confetti on each table and red napkins. For the room decoration we had 2 roulette tables, 1 poker table and 1 blackjack table. Then we added a Casino sign at the entry of the casino room with big lights around and a smoke machine to make the room more misterious.

Finally we had a photobooth with more LED lights, black and red boas and some themed photobooth props. Here are some pictures of the party !

Casino Party Luxembourg Come a la Maison





Fete Casino Luxembourg

Casino Luxembourg






Casino Party Luxembourg


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