Happy New Year! Goals for 2017!

The Party Ville 2017

The year has started and we are starting very good! Lot’s of things going on, more parties booked, more projects and more fun! All is going great, but let’s take a moment to think about our new year’s goals.

It is true that a lot of things will happen this year, however we also need to focus and really set up goals. And with that in mind, I think it’s time I stop looking at the past and switch over to the future! Below, I’ve listed my 10 goals for 2016, both personal and professional.

1. Business – private life balance: its true that 2016 was a great year, but also I spent almost every weekend doing parties and worked late each day, not really having time to see my husband and my lovely dog Baillie and also not seeing my friends as much as I could. This year, I will work also very hard, but make sure to book at least one or two nights per week to spend quality time with family or friends. This is won’t apply just for me but also for every person who will work with us at The Party Ville, I know sometimes being passionate about something makes us think 100% of the time about it and we want to spend all or time and energy on it. It’s like falling in love, however I want the best for each team member so they also deserve some free time away from the work to feed their personal relationships 😉

2. Build a stronger brand: When I started to write The Party Ville blog, back in 2012, I didn’t really had a specific style, neither I had colour guidelines. I was not really taking professional photos or editing them. However this changed a lot in 2016 when I was lucky to find KINLAKE who did the official logo and brand guidelines, they designed also some beautiful brand elements and fonts, however we have not really explored the potential of that. Also I noticed that even though I know what I want The Party Ville to look like, this is not written anywhere so when someone else in the team would start doing photos, social media posts and even parties, it would be difficult to comply with the “branding” and the “values” of The Party Ville as I never took the time to write them. Now that the team is growing its the perfect time to sit and think about our values, who we are and how we want our brand to be seen.

3. Teamwork: At the beginning of last year I started all alone organising the parties, doing social media posts, taking pictures and writing on the blog. However along the way I was lucky to find passionate people who helped me a lot and together we were able to achieve more. 2017 will be the year of delegating and integrating the team into the business. Not all decision will be taken by me, the shop won’t be only run by me and hopefully the parties will also be organised by other team members as well. There are so many things to achieve in 2017 that if we don’t build a team there won’t be enough hours to realise them!`


5. Learn to say no: This one is so difficult as a startup we want to participate in every event, do every party, sell every beautiful product we find, etc. However not all is possible at the same time and its important to focus. Some parties might not be convenient for us or we might just have too much work, and its ok to say no sometimes, even if we really want to do it all. Not all fairs, announcements or actions are worth it, better to have more quality than quantity or what do you think??

6. Have the pettiest party shop in Luxembourg:  After 5 years of thinking about it, planning, saving money and dreaming, this is the moment to actually do it!! Still I can’t believe it but it seems that it is coming faster than we imagined and we are just around the corner to OPEN OUR SHOP!! on February 2017. Still too much work needs to be done, but it is happening and we couldn’t be happier. Now the goal is not only to open it, but to do it good, make it super pretty and have the best customer service.

7. Create more videos: More videos of how we decorate a party, videos of our daily lives, videos of our products and more interactive content like GIFs and even a youtubechannel 🙂


8. Write more blog posts: We wrote lately much more than on the las years however, most of posts were about parties we organised or about DIY crafts and projects we did during the year, but not too much about things we like, ideas, tips etc. Also we didn’t really planned the posts in advanced nor scheduled posts. This year I will try to also write more personal posts and more about us as a company, about the shop and about our thoughts. I hope this will allow you to get to know us better 😉

9. Share more of YOUR photos!: Yes we will now profit from our hashtag #thepartyville and even we are thinking of working on a slogan and creating a new hashtag :). This way you can now tag us on social media on our parties or when you buy a product that you love on our shop. We will also share our favourite pictures on our Instagram account. Community is very important for us and we are committed to build a strong one this year 🙂

10. Less mess: This means cleaning up right after a party, having an organised inventory, knowing where each thing is and keeping only the things we need. We need to be in a tidy place to have room for new ideas and to invite visitors. This year we had a lot of projects, DIY’s, piñatas, party decorations, and sometimes no time to clean after it. And it is true that this was overwhelming and then we had to spend days cleaning up! Well that won’t happen anymore I hope, from 2017 on, we will clean and arrange right after, as we will have much more products and materials and it would become crazy to find something if we don’t do so.


Happy New Year The Party Ville

And this are our goals! In 2017 you will see a new online shop, a new shop and a lot of new things coming from us! I want to say thank you for reading us and trusting us. Is there anything else that you would wish for us to do this year?? Let us know in the comments:)


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