DIY Himmeli with Janette Magazine


At The Party Ville we are so happy this week! We had the opportunity to share our DIY Himmeli Christmas decorations with the Ambasadettes of Janette magazine!! We couldn’t be more proud and happy to share with new people what we love doing!

In case you don’t know Janette is a relatively new magazine in Luxembourg dedicated to young working women who have a busy life, but still love to spend time taking care of themselves and staying up to date. We personally love the fact that at Janette you can really feel a positive and intimate atmosphere between colleagues and between collaborators, among them, the “Ambasadettes” who are women promoting and sharing the magazine. We find it very funny and original that they really play with the “ette” ending among the different elements of the magazine, for example they have a monthly goodie bag, which is called “pochette de Janette” or even a monthly recipe that needs to have some ingredients ending in “ette”such as: Crevette, Poulette, Courgette!! This is really creative and a great branding strategy!

So now, back to the topic, we were asked to share at a Christmas afterwork party with the Ambasadettes of Janette, at a beautiful room at the  how to do the small himmeli christmas decorations which we posted las year here at the blog. If you missed the tutorial you can find it here: DIY Straws Christmas Ornaments.

The DIY workshop started by giving each participant a small kit containing a bag with paper straws, a piece of yarn and scissors. Then we did all together step by step the different geometric figures to create the beautiful himmeli forms. Finally we painted the decorations in silver and gold colour to create an elegant, Scandinavian christmassy look.

The evening ended with some delicious Italian specialties such as pizza, tomato mozzarella, ham and last but not least a delicious homemade tiramisu! This was such a lovely and cosy evening with great company and motivation! Here are some pictures 🙂


Janette DIY workshop


Janette DIY





Janette Luxembourg dinner


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