Festive Christmas Dinner!

Festive Christmas Dinner.png

Yay! Christmas time is approaching and for this special month we want to share with you a beautiful festive christmas dinner in collaboration with Delhaize!

Christmas dinners are such a great time to spend nice memories with family and friends and at The Party Ville we wanted to add a creative touch to the typical raclette dinner by adding some christmas themed food decorations! We will show you below, three recipes for a 3 course menu that are super easy and fun!

Entry: Cucumber Christmas Tree


– Cucumber

– 2 cm thick cheese (it can be Gouda or any other)

– Small rounded breads

– Cream cheese dip

– Small wooden picks


Slice the cucumber into thin tranches, then take the cheese and with the help of a knife cut the cheese into star shapes, you can also use a small star-shape cookie cutter. Insert the cheese stars followed by the cucumber slices into the wooden picks. Finally add the a bit of cream cheese dip and a small round bread to make the base of the tree.

Main Dish: Raclette Snowman and Reindeer Potatoes


– Raclette cheese

– Bacon tranches

– 1 Egg plant

– Small potatoes

– Sliced olives

– Cherry tomatoes

– Round cookie cutter

– Wooden small picks

– Fusilli pasta or a similar one

– Rapped cheddar cheese


For the raclette snowman

Take 2 raclette cheese slices and cut it with the help of the round-shape cookie cutter into a circle shape. Add one cheese on top of the other. Then add a piece of bacon and wrapp it around the middle of the two cheese slices, as if it was the scarf or the snowman. Cut the eggplant into slices and use it to create the hat of the snowman. Finally decorate the snowman with the sliced olives creating the eyes and the buttons of it.

For the potato reindeer

Boil the round small potatoes until they are cooked and soft. Separately boil a small quantity of pasta. Then place two pieces of pasta on the top of each potato with the help of the wooden sticks, to make the reindeer horns. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and use them to do the nose of the reindeer. Add some of the rapped cheddar cheese to the potato to make the face of the reindeer and finally decorate with the slices of olives.

Dessert: Santa Brownies


– Chocolate brownies mix in a box

– Strawberries

– Whipped cream

– Small cupcakes mold


Place the chocolate brownies mix into the small cupcakes mold. Let the brownies cook in the oven for around 30 mins. Then let them cool for about 30 mins and once cold, add whipped cream on top of each brownie. Add a strawberry on top of the whipped cream and finally a last wipped cream on the tip of the strawberry to simulate a santa hat.

And now you have your tree main plates to serve the complete festive christmas dinner! I hope you will try at home, here is how all together looked like:






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