Santa Claus is coming.. to Luxembourg!


The Christmas celebrations are starting in Luxembourg! And we are happy to help the The American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL) association with their Thanksgiving celebration and bringing Santa to this party.

In collaboration with Moo and Roo’s Parties the thanksgiving party was so much fun for the kids and adults. As the kids had giant games like Jenga, bowling and legos, from Moos and Roo’s while the party ville organised some crafting activities for the kids such as turkey jars and mason jar autumn lanterns.

Finally but not lastly we brought Santa Claus to the party! We designed a fairy lights backdrop and decorated a little scene for Santa, with a nice vintage green chair, some lamps, a small christmas tree and a little table with a drawer so the kids could leave their letters to Santa. I have to say that Santa looked great and the kids and families loved him. He was even on the online national newspaper page 🙂 you can check his photos and more photos of the event on the newspaper article here, and some of my photos below:









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