Bonfire Garden party

Bonfire Party

The last fresh night of the summer we shared a great evening setting up a very nice bonfire garden party. Such a good idea to have a bonfire on those nights when it is warm during the day and gets a bit chilly at night,a great way to keep your guests outdoors and creating a cosy atmosphere. Empty round ornaments, little pieces of moss, colourful gerbera flowers and vintage bottles plus various candles were waiting in their boxes to be put in the beautiful garden.


garden party


Glass and plants/flowers are the main elements for giving these kind of parties the natural/rustic vibe. The upcycled glass jars with various candle sizes were the first ones to be put up as they’re going to be the main focus, later we decided to place the wood and the flowers, but let’s have a talk about the table, because the bonfire was going to be on one corner and everyone was going to eat together so we had to put the color, the fun, the lamps and all those charming things on the table.

garden party



We wrapped up the large table with a white table cloth as there were lots of flowers and bottles to be put on. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and kinds of glass, we had a mix of old glass bottles, jars and candle holders at the table. There was a tent on top of the table and we decided to place some paper lanterns in white and green, we had to be careful to put them high enough so people wouldn’t touch them with their heads while passing by.


bonfire party


So after setting up the table we moved to placing the upcycled glass jars into the trees, we were lucky to have a beautiful garden with lots of small trees around, so we could place this glass jars with a candle everywhere creating a cosy atmosphere with lots of candlelights everywhere.

Then we moved to the drinks station, where we placed two glass beverage dispensers on top of two wooden bases, another touch that contributed to the rustic natural vibe.

Finally we went to the bonfire corner, a cosy place where people would gather once the night approaches to share stories and observe the beautiful fire. To make people more comfortable we had a few blocks of hay from a farmer and they were used as benches so people could cuddle up and sit comfortably on them.



garden party


I hope you enjoy watching the pictures of this beautiful Bonfire Garden Party decorated by The Party Ville, remember that almost everything is reusable so we have all these elements on our inventory so you could also get a party like this!


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