Silver Wedding


I was very happy to be able to decorate this beautiful Silver Wedding! After all it is very special to be 25 years married and I believe that the celebrations should be as big as the day of the wedding!

The venue for the silver wedding dinner was Bistro Kaul located at the Camping Kaul in Wiltz, in the north of Luxembourg. I was very surprised with the delicious food and the beautiful kids friendly location, which by the way has a big outdoor playground and a swimming pool, perfect for a sunny summer day in Luxembourg.

The colours chosen by the bride and groom were bordeaux red and silver, so i tried to integrate those colours in the decorations as much as I could. I decided to add some ivory colour table clothes and bordeaux transparent table runners, which had a very nice contrast. As the chairs were in cream colour i decided not to add any chair covers, but just to add a bow in bordeaux tulle.

For the table center pieces, I wanted to create something modern and romantic, so i got some squared mirrors and placed 3 vases full of water on them, on the tallest vase there was a floating candle, on the middle level vase some roses and in the small vase a small branch of gypso/baby breath flower. The vases were decorated with a silver shinny washi tape and then I added some metallic beads all around the center to give a little bit or sparkle.

Finally on the place of each guest there were nicely folded silver paper napkins in the form of a rose with a bordeaux heart in the middle, and next to it a small organza silver bag filled with almonds as a party favour.

The guests and the bride and groom had a lot of fun during the party, the food was outstanding and the people didn’t stop dancing. Over all it was a very fun and romantic party, and I was as always very proud to be part of it.

silver wedding

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silver wedding

silver wedding

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silver wedding luxembourg

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