Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland Party

All I have to say is that this party was wonderful! I loved every little detail about it and it was so much fun to be able to decorate it and make a little girl happy on her birthday.

When I think of Alice in Wonderland, so many things come to my mind, I think of magic, tea cups, hearts, bunnies, nature, fantasy, forest, flowers, candies, hats, colours, etc… So many elements and ideas come to my mind, this is definitely one of the best parties I could ever wish to decorate.

So as in every party, I created an Inspiration board on Pinterest and asked the little party girl to create one as well, so that I knew what her wishes were for the party. You can find the inspiration board here:

Once the ideas were clear,  I started working on the decorations agreed such as: books pages table runner, fake grass table mats, napkins with dollies, milk jars and a vintage tea set for the table. Then there was also a candy bar or dessert table, where there will be many different sweet treats with “eat me” – “drink me” labels. As a final touch, I come pocket watches, mirrors, flowers and picture frames were added everywhere in the garden and the terrace to create a fantasy word.

Apart from the decorations,every kid who was in the party was wearing a different hat, so they all looked like fantasy creatures from Alice in Wonderland. Also the kids had really fun games at the party  organised by the host such as a treasure hunt and pin the tail of the cat.

Finally some beautiful personalised Alice in Wonderland favour bags with candies were created with the help of some dollies, bows and hearts. The party was so much fun and I hope it will always be remembered ❤

Here are some pictures of the Alice in Wonderland birthday party, I hope you like them!

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland Party

Alice in Wonderland 16`Alice in Wonderland 15

Alice in Wonderland 14

Alice in Wonderland 13

Alice in Wonderland 12

Alice in Wonderland 11
Alice in Wonderland 8

Alice in Wonderland Party


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