DIY: Newborn Baby Favours

Newborn Baby Favours

This is such a cute DIY project, i was so happy when I was contacted to create this little favours for a newborn baby in Luxembourg. I think this is a very original and useful favour as it is handmade in Luxembourg, personalised and it can be used afterwards to store little things like buttons, beads, spices, etc.

I think it is the first time I do a project for a baby, and I have to say that I really loved it. I love the baby colours and the different patterns on the textiles. I hope I will be able to do more baby things in the next months.

Ok so now, here you can see the step to step guide on how to do these favours, they look like mini cupcakes on top of jars and they are quite easy to do, but they take some time, I think it took me around 5 mins to do each one.


-Textile with a nice pattern

– Scissors

– Hot glue gun

– Pillow filling material ex. Polyfil

– White lace

– Colourful buttons

– Small jam jars with lids

– A 1cm bigger lid


1. Take the 1 cm bigger jam jar lid and mark it on the textile. It is important that you use a bigger lid than the one of your jam jars so you leave enough space for the filling. You should have at least 1cm larger circle.

Newborn baby favours

2. Once you have marked the circles from the bigger lid on the textile, cut them out with the scissors.

Newborn baby favors

3. Now place a ball of the pillow filling cotton on top of the jar.

Newborn baby favours

4. Then paste the textile circle on one side with the glue gun.

Newborn baby favours

5. And now place the other side.

Newborn baby favors

6. Place the lace around the jar lid as seen on the picture below:


7. And finally paste a button in the middle of the lid, so it looks like a cute mini cupcake.

Newborn baby favors

8. You are finished, your little newborn baby favor should look like this:

DIY Newborn baby favors

And here are some pictures with more of them, in different colours and patterns!




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