Recipe: Quetschetaart Plumb Tart


I have not been writing recipes since quite some time, however I am very happy to announce that you will be seeing more recipes on the coming months as I started a collaboration with the supermarket Delhaize, by which they will sponsor the ingredients for some of the next recipes of The Party Ville. I have to admit that I feel quite proud to be chosen among many blogs in Luxembourg and get this support 🙂

So my first recipe to share with you it’s a Quetschetaart, which is a typical luxembourgish plumb tart. It was quite nice to find this recipe in a traditional recipe book from Luxembourg and I have to admit that it tasted really good. You can always make this recipe for your favourite parties, I did a 3 tier Quetschetaart for our last week’s Tropical Paradise party, but the tart was so good that one tier got eaten before I could even take photos ;). So you will only be able to see photos of 2 tiers. Anyway here are the step by step directions to bake the tart.


For the tart:

– 500 gr Flour

– 250 gr Butter

– 200 ml Milk

– 2 Eggs

-200 gr Sugar

– 2 kg of Plums

– 1 teaspoon of Salt

Quetschetaart Ingredients Delhaize Luxembourg

For the whipped cream:

– 500 ml of Cream

– 2 packs of vanilla with sugar powder

– 2 ppacks of whipped cream pouder

Quetschetaart Plumb Tart


1. Leave the butter at room temperature and add the sugar to it.


2. Beat the sugar with the butter and milk until they are well mixed.


3. In a separate bowl mix the flour with the eggs and salt, then incorporate to the butter mix.

Quetschetaart Luxembourg

4. Roll the dough with a rolling pin until it is thin enough. Place a bit of flour into the rolling pin and under the dough to avoid it from sticking as seen below.


5. Place the rolled dough into a baking pan, on this example I didn’t use a tart pan, as I want my tart to be thicker and be able to add more fruit inside

Quetschetaart Plumb Tart

6. Wash the plums,cut them in halves and remove the stone.


7. Then cut the half of the plums into slices, you should get around 10 – 12 slices from each plum, as seen on the picture below.

Quetschetaart Plumb Tart

8. Continue cutting the plums until you have them all sliced.

Quetschetaart Plumb Tart

9. Place the plum slices inside the tart dough in a spiral shape, add 2 layers of plums so the tart is more tasty.

Quetschetaart Luxembourgish Plumb Tart

10. Bake the tart for around 30 – 45 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven or until the dough is cooked.

11. Prepare the whipped cream mix by mixing the cream, with the vanilla sugar powder and the whipped cream powder. Mix until you get a fluffy consistency.

Quetschetaart Plumb Tart

12. Place the whipped cream on top of the quetschetaart before serving, and enjoy!

Quetschentaart Luxembo

Quetschentaart Luxembourg




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