10 Boho Party Ideas

Boho Party Ideas

I hope you get inspired by these 10 ideas I found on the web for a great Bohemian Party theme. This is a very nice theme and it has been quite trendy on the last years, as it involves flowers, natural elements, vintage, chic and feathers, what else can you ask for?

I love that this theme can be great from weddings to kids parties, as you can adapt so many elements to it and at the end add a lot of flowers, kids love flowers and adults love the too right?

So get inspired with our top picks from Pinterest for your next Boho theme party, we will be planning one very soon and for sure will integrate many of these ideas on it, so stay tuned to our future parties.

Here they are our top 10 Boho party ideas:

1. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are a must for a bohemian themed party, you can use them as headbands or decorate the venue with them.

flower crowns

Source: Flower Girls

2. Bird Cages

Once again bird cages can be used to decorate this party theme, as they include a touch of rustic and lots of beautiful natural flowers.

bird cages

Source: Dreamers Events

3. Hanging Chairs / Hammocks

Hammocks or hanging chairs can be very good integrated into bohemian parties as they are a relaxed and rustic element that goes very good with the environment of the party.

Hanging chairs

Source: Home Yo Hmy

4. Upcycled Glass Jars

Upcycled glass jars can look very nice as flower vases at a bohemian theme party, they can be very chic and at the same time rustic, perfect to decorate the party tables!


Source: Wed bits

5. Feathers and Flowers

Feathers are a great element in bohemian parties and you can just mix them with colourful lowers and you will get a very nice boho chic decoration, take a look at the picture below as an example.

feathers boho party

Source: The Bohemian Wedding

5. Cushions

Cushions are great! Super cosy and confortable and are totally ok on bohemian parties, where your guests can just relax on cushions and sit at the floor level.

cushions boho party

Source: Inspired by This

6. Rustic Curtains

You can create a rustic looking flower or plants curtain to decorate your bohemian party and add a natural touch to it, they not only look beautiful but are super easy to do!

Rustic curtain

Source: Style Me Pretty

7. Dreamcatchers

Use dreamcatchers to decorate your party, as a DIY activity or as party favours. The integrate very well into the rustic feel of the bohemian theme and are super easy to create on your own.

Bohemian Dreamcatchers

Source: 100 Layer Cake

8. Tipi

A tipi is a perfect element for a bohemian party as it was originally made of animal skins and wooden sticks, and gives a very nice rustic feeling. It is also perfect for the kids to play or the adults to chill out.


Source: Style Me Pretty

9. Wooden Palettes

Wooden palettes are very trendy on the last years and a bohemian party is the perfect occasion to get the out and use them as tables, so your guests can just sit on the floor and relax!

wooden palettes

Source: Style Me Pretty


Get out all those candles you have at home and use the for your boho party, they will add a very special natural touch into your decoration and will make the party even cosier. If the venue allows it you can also do a bonfire or even smoke a shisha.

Bohemian Candles

Source: Sweetest Home

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