DIY: Paper Flowers Garland

Flowers Garland DIY

You might have already noticed that this season I am really obsessed with flowers, specially paper flowers, so here is one more DIY project for you with paper flowers, but this time are small flowers to create a flower garland.

I have seen many nice flower garlands from various party shops on internet, however, here in Luxembourg, we don’t have that much variety on party supplies, so instead of spending extra money on delivery fees, I decided to create my own paper flowers garland.

This time I just experimented by cutting some tissue paper pieces and just twisting them, until they looked like flowers, nothing complicated, just twists. Here you will find the step by step guide so you can also do a flowers garland by your self.


– Tissue paper sheets on the colours of your choice

– Scissors

– Pipe cleaners on the colour of your choice

– Twine


1. Start by folding a sheet of tissue paper in accordion style, each fold should be of around 1cm.DIY FLOWERS GARLAND

2. Cut the accordion into equal parts of approximately 10 cm wide, as seen on the picture below.


3. Twist the paper accordion and tie it to the half of a pipe cleaner, as on the picture below


4. Now open the twisted paper to form the shape of a flower.


5. Repeat those steps to create more flowers.


6. And use different paper colours to create a nice combination for the garland.


7. Now create the paper flowers garland by simply twisting the pipe cleaner into the twine and you are finished!

Birthday Tea Party





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